Fee Schedule

Services Minimum Deposit Fee(s)
Share Account $10.00 $0.25
Share Draft Account $0.00 $0.00
Personal Checks ---- Varies
Debit/ATM Cards* ---- $0.00
Stop Payment (Per check) ---- $30.00
Stop Payment (Per series) ---- $30.00
Overdraft Fee ---- $30.00
Return Item Fee ---- $30.00
Overdraft Protection (Per transfer)** ---- $2.00
Debit Card Replacement card and/or
pin mailer (1st card and pin mailer are free)
Credit Union check (third party)   $2.00
Christmas Club $0.00 $0.00
Vacation Club $0.00 $0.00
Super Saver Club $2,500.00 $0.00
Loan Processing ---- $0.00

GAP Insurance (Auto)



GAP Insurance (Boats, RVs and Campers, ATVs and UTVs, Motorcycles) ---- Varies
Extended Warranty ---- Varies
Home Banking ---- $0.00
Powerline ---- $0.00
Copy of Statement (Per Page) ---- $1.00
Account Histories (Per Page) ---- $1.00
Account Research (per hour/minimum one hour)   $20.00
Wire Transfer (Per Transfer) ---- $15.00

VISA Gift Cards (Per Card)



Visa Credit Card Replacement (1st replacement card is free)   $10.00
Dormant Acount Fee (12 months of inactivity/per month)   $5.00
Bad Address Fee (per month)   $5.00
Title Fee (Auto, RVs, Camping Trailers, Travel Trailers   $20.00
UCC 1 Fee (Boats, Tractors, ATVs, Consumer Loans)   $35.00
* You will receive a new debit card every two years, free of charge. In the event of a lost, stolen, or broken debit card, you need to call the credit union to cancel your card and we'll send you a new one. You will receive your first replacement card free, but you will be charged $10 for any additional replacement cards.
** You are responsible for making sure funds are available in your share account for overdraft protection to operate properly.