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Digital tools that put you in charge

More than ever, technology is changing the way we all take care of our finances. Technology, desktop and mobile, text and telephone, gives us the power and the freedom to do what we need to do, when and where we choose.

At ARECU, we upgraded all of our digital banking platforms, and we continue to roll out new features. You now have access to some of the most powerful tools in the financial services industry, making managing your money easy and convenient.

Home Branch Online Banking and the e-ONE Mobile App

Both of our online tools allow you to manage your finances when (and where) it’s most convenient for you. You can work between our e-ONE Mobile App and Home Branch, our online banking system, in one seamless experience.

With our powerful digital tools, you can:

  • Access all of your accounts, check balances
  • Set and manage alerts on all of your accounts, including fraud alerts
  • Deposit checks straight from your phone with the e-ONE Mobile App
  • Transfer money between accounts, even transfer money from accounts you hold at other financial institutions
  • Pay bills without the hassle of writing checks or buying stamps
  • Create and maintain budgets to control your spending
  • Link all of your accounts in one place, even accounts with other financial institutions
  • Manage and pay for all of your streaming services in one place
  • Transfer money to other people through Person-to-Person Transfer
  • Budgeting tools help you keep your finances on track
  • Receive daily balance and transaction alerts via text automatically
  • Make loan Payments 24/7
  • Receive your statements electronically, safely and securely

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If you are already an ARECUmember, sign up for online banking here and begin using Home Branch today.

You can also download the e-ONE Mobile App for either iOS or Android:

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If you are not an ARECU member but would like to be — you can apply here today!