ARECU-Safe & Secure

Alabama Rural Electric Credit Union is aware of the unusual amount of credit and debit card fraud activity. Here at the Credit Union, our system is constantly recording your normal spending patterns. When a charge hits your account that is out of the normal spending pattern it is reported as a possible fraud.

While most of these alerts ultimately do not represent significant events, the Credit Union is proactively researching the events and tailoring fraud strategies to curtail possible losses.

The Credit Union staff works diligently every day to keep your accounts at Alabama Rural Electric Credit Union safe and secure. There are many safeguards in place to prevent a breach of your account information. Hackers have evolved with technology, making it easier for hackers to breach card processor’s information.  While there are precautions and safety nets in place, all fraud cannot be prevented

While we are in the process of obtaining the new chip cards, please be mindful the chip card will not prevent all fraud from occurring if Visa has a breach in a network processor. A network processor breach not only effects your Credit Union but other financial institutions as well. Alabama Rural Electric Credit Union to date has never been breached.  Any fraud activity that has occurred on Alabama Rural Electric Credit Union credit and debit cards has stemmed from various Visa network processors.

If you have any questions regarding fraudulent charges or questions regarding the procedures the Credit Union uses to avoid fraud, please contact us at 334-215-7328 or 800-381-7328.