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Education helps open the doors of opportunity and we are committed to helping you open them. The Alabama ONE Foundation ARECU Scholarship was founded in 2018 to provide ARECU members $1,000 and $500 scholarships to attend an accredited, postsecondary institution.

Unlike most other scholarships, the ARECU Scholarship is open to both traditional and non-traditional students.

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Eligibility Requirements

  • TEAM members of ARECU, Alabama ONE, Alabama ONE Board Members, and The Alabama ONE Foundation Board Members and the dependents of these groups are not eligible for this scholarship.


1. How much is each scholarship? Both $1,000 scholarships and $500 scholarships are awarderd based on our scoring system.

2. What are the GPA requirements for the applicant attending a vocational, trade or technical school?  There is no minimum required GPA; however, it will be considered during the selection process.

3. How many times can an applicant receive the scholarship?  The applicant can apply and receive the scholarship each year, if future scholarships are available.

4. Can more than one person per family apply for the scholarship?  Yes, there can be multiple applicants within the same family.

5. Is there a time limit on when the scholarship money is used? The scholarship money must be disbursed within the academic school year of selection.

6. If selected, how will the applicant receive the scholarship money?  The Alabama ONE Foundation will award half of the total scholarship amount (e.g. $500 for the $1,000 scholarships) per spring and/or fall semester (annual limit not to exceed $1,000 per student). Scholarship money is disbursed to the applicant's institution of enrollment. 

7. Will the applicant be required to submit a most recent transcript to receive the scholarship money for the new semester? Yes, a recent transcript is required to verify the student in enrolled for each semester.

8. I am an adult going back to school – am I eligible? Yes! Both traditional and non-traditional students are eligible. A non-traditional student is defined as "anyone who did not enter into a secondary education program immediately after high school." Non-traditional students will be selected using a separate scale from traditional students. 

9. How do I submit my application? Please submit your completed application by email to or by mail to

The Alabama ONE Foundation
1215 Veterans Memorial Pkwy
Tuscaloosa, AL 35404

Questions? Contact Cecilia Waits at

Download the Scholarship Application