Who can join?

Employees and retirees of the Alabama Rural Electric Association of Cooperatives and of its member electric cooperatives, and the member(s) of those cooperatives, and their family members to share the outstanding benefits of Alabama Rural Electric Credit Union.

How to join?

Member Benefits

We offer you the ultimate in financial convenience. No waiting in long lines with us! We’ll handle your finances by phone or mail. Plus, a co-op representative is at your service for your one-on-one needs. Since we’re nonprofit, we’re here only to serve you. Our board of directors consists of people, just like you, who work for Alabama Rural Electric Cooperatives. Join us today and take advantage of the services we offer.

Account Fees

Account Fees
Effective: December 1, 2016
Overdraft Fee $30.00
Return Item Fee $30.00
Stop Payment Fee (per item) $30.00
Stop Payment Fee (per series) $30.00
Overdraft Protection (transfer from Shares for Return Item Fee) $2.00
Debit Card Replacement card and/or pin mailer
(1st card and pin mailer are free)
Credit Union Check (payable to 3rd party) $2.00
Statement Copies (per page) $1.00
Account History (per page) $1.00
Visa Gift Card Fee (per card) $2.75
Wire Transfers $15.00
Account Research (per hour/minimum one hour) $20.00
Visa Credit Card Replacement
(1st replacement card is free)
Dormant Account Fee (12 months of inactivity/per month) $5.00
Bad Address Fee (per month) $5.00
Title Fee (Auto, RV's, Camping Trailers, Travel Trailers) $20.00
UCC 1 Fee (Boats, Tractors, ATV's, Consumer loans) $35.00