About Us

From humble beginnings, we're thriving today

There are a few critical differences between a credit union and other financial institutions. It begins with who owns the company. As a member of Alabama Rural Electric Credit Union, a division of Alabama ONE, you are also an owner of the credit union. So instead of a handful of investors profiting from our operation, you and every other member reap the benefits. In the form of higher interest on deposit accounts and lower rates on loans, as well as lower and fewer fees. Ownership does indeed have its privileges.

ARECU started with the dreams of seven in 1969, and in 2020 we are excited to be Alabama Rural Electric Credit Union, a division of Alabama ONE. The merger with Alabama ONE Credit Union in April of 2020 brings a myriad of improved products and services with the added strength of Alabama ONE's legacy of exceptional service. Together, our TEAM provides premier service while keeping our founding member's dream alive.

Centrally located in Montgomery, ARECU serves the employees, trustees, retirees, members, and families of the Alabama Rural Electric Cooperatives.